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Suzhou Taijing micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taijing micro") is a high-tech company focusing on silicon carbide (SIC) and IGBT semiconductors. It was founded in Suzhou in 2020.

Taijingwei is a technology driven semiconductor technology company with a high-quality core team of experienced power module packaging design, MOSFET devices, power electronic system application, market promotion and product operation at home and abroad. It has profound technical accumulation in the field of power semiconductor. The main products include high reliability SiC, IGBT modules and MOSFET devices for new energy and industry. The products are used in new energy vehicles, smart grid, renewable energy, industrial motor drive, medical devices, power supply and other scenes and fields.

Taijingwei is committed to contributing to the development of low-carbon life.

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Add:No. 77, Louyang Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

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